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On the assumption that Prince Andrew really is "Randy Andy," his sexual needs might have been gratified legally and without risk of claims against him, if he'd used an artificial companion. It is food for thought. Safer in terms of population growth too, where he's raised a family. Imagine what joy for Bojo, who has a high libido, and propensity to spawn siblings with the greatest of ease. We might have had a few less scandals, if Boris Johnson had a Fembot in his household. Preferably one with a higher IQ than it's master.




Population growth is one of the main causes of global warming.


If you don't want children, and your partner is cold in the bedroom department, a robotic sex toy may be the answer. 


Apart from all the usual birth control pills and beads, sex aids might help to prevent unwanted pregnancies and so reduce population growth, claims of rape and sexual assault.


It is held that women use more sex toys than men, with vibrating dildos being especially popular. You might find one in your partner's bedside table. Whereas, artificial vaginas are not big sellers.


On the other hand, sales of full size female companions, is on the increase.


It seems too good to be true. So, how is it that nobody is doing anything about it?




Laughing boy, David Blunkett having extra marital affairs and being allowed to craft sex law despite clear conflict of interests



LAUGHING BOY - Lord David Blunkett may not have introduced the Sexual Offences Act 2003, if he'd had the use of a Fembot, rather than the attentions of his secretary.


You may be better off with an artificial companion. Sex robots and humanoid companions are now quite popular. They are a whole lot safer. A robot cannot accuse you of rape or sodomy. Though, one might imagine, the civil servants then trying to charge a sex tax. Especially the female civvies, who no doubt will hate the idea of losing control over men. Indeed, such expressions have already been aired by the media. Robots could undermine the flesh trades, in the process, making a whole lot of people happier. So, why not prescribe them on the National Health? Replace marriage, with a different kind of agreement, should a couple decide to procreate. In order for this to work, robots would have to be very appealing to the end users. It's all down to the curves and bumps in the right places - emulating evolution of course. The birth rate may fall dramatically among advanced thinkers, while those less able to afford automaton lovers, would no doubt continue like rabbits as before. Thus to reduce populating growth, we need to make mechanized companions cheaper. And then there is AI.




If he price of Fembots were to be reduced, or they might be available on the NHS, by way of a prescription, then men and women afflicted by a very high libido might be spared sexual frustrations, and may come to prefer artificial intercorse, where it is much more convenient, hygenic and free of claims of sexual harassment - until such times as robots acquire legal rights.




“It was sexual intercourse,” the judge said [4 Jan 2022], according to Newsweek reporter Jack Royston. “Involuntary sexual intercourse. There isn’t any doubt about what that means, at least not since someone else was in the White House.”



Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at Balmoral, Royal residence in Scotland     Prince Andrew Duke of York with Virginia Giuffre and Ghislaine Maxwell



BALMORAL OR IMMORAL - In the future we may not become such useless beings, if offered the choice. Where you might legally marry a girl in Spain and Tahiti at 13 (we think), you can have a robot companion at any age in any country, free of legal claims.





















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