AGENTS ORANGE, SEPTEMBER 17 2020 - These guys are only following orders, but they also have their own consciences to answer to. Southern Water have failed to respond to correspondence in relation to the validity of this development. But have mounted security cameras at multiple points, to our mind an admission that what they are doing is wrong - and they expect retribution. Not on our watch. A Judicial Review is what is required, to steer policy shift such that pooh-packers in positions of trust get the message. It is the view of many local residents that this company is potentially vicariously liable and/or potentially conspiratorial criminally. Especially in connection with inadequate or defective wildlife surveys. For example, it is alleged that there were badgers to the left of this site, and all traces have been deliberately bulldozed by this company, contrary to the provisions of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and other habitat and species protection legislation. If the birds and fish on the pond/lake in the background are killed as a result of anyone encouraging or aiding and abetting the developers, then the shit will hit the fan big time. The culprits will need to be prosecuted for ecocide, but by who? And will that all be too late, with the animals have been killed. Death is rather final!


SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL: "We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender." 


PATRICK HENRY: "We have not yet begun to fight."




A271 Gardner Street -

Abolition of the Monarchy in 1649, and present day (friendly) constitutional reforms

Accessories and Abettors Act 1861 - Assisting in the commission of a crime is a criminal offence

Adolf Hitler's eugenics agenda in Nazi Germany's Third Reich 1933 - 1945

Advertising Standards Authority

Affordable Housing - for an agricultural worker on a local wage

Agatha Christie - Miss Marple investigates: Murder Most Foul - starring Margaret Rutherford

Allegra Stratton - COP26 spokesperson under Alok Sharma

Andrew Brettler - Attorney defending Andrew Mountbatten-Windsor

Andrew Mountbatten-Windsor - 2022, renewed motion to strike: non-residential status Virginia Giuffre, Rude, boorish, diva

Arseholes - Anus, or Asshole - an unpleasant, irritating or contemptible person

Article 6 - The right to a fair trial - equality at arms

Article 8 - Protection from state interference in private a family life (see Protocol 1, Art 1 - peaceful enjoyment of possessions)

Article 13 - The right to an effective remedy - appeals and judicial reviews

Article 14 - The right to a discrimination free trial - no matter what the accusation

Article 17 - Prohibition of abuse of your Human Rights - useless gesture without Article 6 remedy

A to Z - Herstmonceux Village, Sussex

A to Z of Wildlife, Habitats and Species - Badgers, Ducks, Herons, Moorhens

Australian Republic - Moves to remove Queen Elizabeth as head of state with constitutional amendements

Badgers - displaced during the Shit Creek development by Southern Water

Bill Bentley - East Sussex Councillor, Herstmonceux, Conservative

Bill of Rights 1689 - Subject's right of audience with King or Queen of England relating to cruelty punishments and liberties

Blunkett, David, Lord - Is he a human rights abuser?

Boris Johnson - Big Dog, net-zero energy transition positives

Boris Johnson's cabinet ministers appointed in September 2021 before COP26 - How many children does Boris have?

Boris Johnson is allowed to deceive the public with the lies on his big red campaign bus: £350 million a week to Brussels

Boris Johnson's nuclear core policy meltdown - Trident, UN weapons illegality, pink electricity generation

Brexshit - All that is brown and smelly about the UK leaving Europe under David Cameron, Theresa May & Boris Johnson

BT - British Telecommunications - complaints as to low broadband speeds, dropouts and telephone line crackling

Bullshit - Bovine excrement and a slag term for exaggerating or not telling the truth

Bum Deals - What is a 'bum deal' ?

Cakeism - Boris the Johnson tells electorate "you can have your cake and eat it"

Cancer A to Z index - Breast, Colon, Esophageal, Leukemia, Liver, Lung, Lymphoma, Ovarian, Pancreatic, Prostate, Skin

Carolyn Andriano - Potential witness as to Virgnia Giuffre's claims

Carrie Johnson - Wife of Boris Johnson and mother to children

Chapel Row & Church Road -

Charlotte Briggs - Maid @ Buckingham Palace says Andrew is a nasty man

Chernobyl - Russian generating plant core reactor 4 meltdown, nuclear accident

Christmas Message - Queen Elizabeth December 2021

Clarion Group - Homes sold Shit Creek to Latimer 2018 - WD/2015/0090/MA0 & WD/2018/1584/MRM

Climate Change - A to Z of rising temperatures on planet earth

Clowning Street - Boris Johnson, the comedy act Britain elected to lead the nation into more debt

CND - Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Code Red - IPCC report 2021 on climate change

Commandments - The top ten rules for surviving in a hostile political environment

Common Purpose - Is the civil (tort) version of Joint Enterprise

Community Infrastructure Levy - CIL payments, where is the money going?

Competition & Markets Authority - Formerly the Monopolies Commission, allowing BT to remain a virtual monopoly

Compulsory Purchase Orders - Councils should use their powers to buy land for affordable housing

Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017 -

Conspiracy - Criminal Law Act 1977, poisoning of drinking well water & life imprisonment

Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act 2007 - When does premeditated negligence become murder?

Covid 19 - Christmas and other parties at 10 Downing Street, in contravention of lockdown rules

Crapper - Thomas, a plumber who invented and promoted sanitary appliances: "Going for a crap"

David Boies - Attorney for Virginia Giuffre

Death Hill - A dangerous junction on the A271 with limited visibility splay

Diatribe - Political rant or discourse where they are talking crap or suffering verbal diarrhea

Ducks - Under threat from a proposed 70 house development in Herstmonceux

Drug Money - Laundering through property purchases, no land registry checks as to property renting boom

Ecocide - Crimes against the natural environment should be added to the Rome Statute

Edward VIII - Abdication to marry Wallis Simpson - Nazi sympathiser

Effective Remedies - In the UK there is not Article 13 right to an effective remedy

Elm Close, Woodlands View hillside development from 2020.

Emily Maitlis - BBC Newsnight "Car Crash" interview 17 November 2019

Emmanuel Macron - Mr Nuclear's core policy meltdown - the writing on the wall

Environment Agency - England's Governmental department for prevention of water contamination

Equality at Arms - Article 14 right to a discrimination free trial

ESCC - Highways, road deaths, potholes - East Sussex County Council

Eugenics - Legal witch hunts in modern law terms, Article 14 violations

Evictions - Homeless people in the UK

Financial Slavery - The renting society where landlords leach off the labours of others

Finn, Ms Jill - Property development, The Old Rectory, Lime Park, Herstmonceux, Estate manager: 145 Balham, Balham Park

Flood, Nigel - Property development, The Old Rectory, Lime Park, Herstmonceux, Professional: Full Building Services

Food and Water Security - Free of contamination from radiation and carcinogenic toxins

Fraud Act 2006 - Introducing omitting to do something to protect financial interests, as a crime

Frogs - Potentially under threat from a proposed 70 house development in Herstmonceux

Fukushima - Core reactor meltdown in Japan, with radioactive pollution leakage

G7 - Group of Seven, dirtiest countries and human rights offenders

G20 - Group of Twenty, most polluting nations and human rights offenders

Ghislaine Maxwell - Allegations and convictions of sex trafficking - Scotty David retrial 2022

Gleeson (M J) Developments - Was involved in Herstmonceux's Shit Creek

Global Warming - The rising temperature of planet earth causing climate change & species extinctions

Grenfell Towers - Corporate manslaughter at its worst, death by burning fire precaution negligence

Groundwater (England and Wales) Regulations 2009 - Hazardous and non hazardous substances

Guardian, The - May 2020, terrible name, terrific sitcom

Harriet Flood

Hawthorn Lane, Woodlands View hillside development from 2020

Henry the Eighth of England - Dictatorial tyrant famous for head lopping and promiscuity, to the point of creating a new faith

Herons - Under threat from a proposed 70 house development in Herstmonceux

Herstmonceux Parish Council - Councillors 2021 - Village

Hiroshima - Atomic bombing of Japan by the US, during WW2

Honours System 2022 - Is this a corrupt anachronism that should be replaced with a written constitution

Horseshit - Equine excrement and a slag term for exaggerating or not telling the truth

How Much - £Does it cost to build houses in the UK in 2020

Human excrement, shit, faeces, crap, turds, taking a dump

Human Rights -

Huw Merriman - Conservative MP for Herstmonceux & Battle - BT Group and OpenReach complaints 

                      - Chairman - BT Fraudulent Trading - Transport Select Committee - Wealden Councillor - Lehman Brothers

James Brokenshire - Policies created renting society, perpetuating financial slavery - RIP

Jeffrey Epstein - Paedophile at Balmoral, Royal friendship & prison suicide - $500,000 dollar settlement agreement

Joint Enterprise - Is the criminal version of Common Purpose or tortious liability

Judas Iscariot - Sold out Jesus Christ for 20 pieces of silver

Judicial Reviews - Council's duty to be Wednesbury reasonable, act legally and rationally

Kelly Davis v Wansdyke (Bath & Somerset) Council 2001 - Discrimination race case £790k damages

KG - Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter

King Charles III - Prostate and cancer treatment

Lady Victoria Hervey - Witness to former Duke's attendance at Maxwell parties

Lake District - Wealden's Little Venice

Latimer Homes - Property developers with interest in land at Herstmonceux for house building

Lime Cross -

Lime Wells - Herstmonceux is blessed to have a working well in the village still providing drinking water

Links - To other shit creek websites

Liz Truss - Conservative unsustainable inflationary policies based on perpetual borrowing are making Britain's poorer

Louis Mountbatten 1st Mountbatten of Burma - Former Viscount (Louis of Battenburg)

Margaret Thatcher - Poll tax and social housing sell off

Matthew Flood - Capchase UK Ltd

Members of Parliament - Code of Conduct

Metropolitan police - Dame Cressida-Dick's lack of investigation into Virginia Giuffre's allegations

Monarchy, British - Is the institution up shit creek without a paddle?

Money Laundering - Britain is  the most corrupt country in the world

Moorhens - Under threat from a proposed 70 house development in Herstmonceux

Moses - Exodus, freeing the Israelite slaves from Egypt

Nagasaki - US atomic bombing of Japan during WWII

National Planning Policy Framework 2012 -

Natural England - Limited assistance in the protection of wildlife, specific to SSSIs

Nazis - Climate Criminals & Human Right offenders: G20 & G7

New Zealand - Bill English's economics based on borrowing, more and more

Newts - Potentially under threat by the run off from 70 houses in Herstmonceux

NHS - Compulsory Covid 19 jabs for health workers

Nuclear Installations Act 1965 - Health & Safety on the storage and accumulation of radioactive waste

Nuclear Power - Why are we using electricity from atomic fission, where it is more expensive that renewables?

                     - Proliferation & politics

Nuclear World War Three - Is it possible to survive a 1st strike from Russia and their allied: China, Iran & North Korea?

Oak Way, Woodlands View hillside development 2020

OFCOM - Are the communication industry services regulators

Oligarchs - Russian billionaires, linked to Vladimir Putin, a former KGB officer

Ombudsman Services - Alleged to be a whitewash agency existing to help BT look good

OpenReach - Are the network, cabling, optical and exchange service providers wholly owned by BT

Owen Paterson MP - Sleaze, paid advocacy and second jobs, conflicts of interest, part time politicians

Pamella Doodes - Conservative councillor Herstmonceux & Pevensey, Wealden Chairman

Parkhurst Road Ltd v Sec of State for Communities & Local Gov & Anor [2018] EWCH 991 (Admin)

Parliament Prorogued - Boris Johnson deceiving Queen Elizabeth into acting unlawfully

Partygate - The scandal @ Number Ten Downing Street

Paul Page - Armed security Royal protection office @ Buckingham Palace

Peter Townley - Holly bush foul water drainage fiasco

Petition - Approaches one million 1,000,000 signatures called for Tony Blair to be stripped of Knighthood

Plutonium - Is some heavy shit

Population Growth - Birth controls

Pothole Politics - Taxing the electorate, then not providing the service and causing deaths

Potty Training - Wealden tried to take away toilets despite Health & Safety Regulations 1992

Prince Andrew - Under investigation accused of sexual assault of Virginia Guiffre - Is the picture Real or Fake?

                     - Hearing, Judge Lewis Kaplan 4th January 3:00pm GMT 2022

                     - Decision, 12th January 2022, case against Duke may proceed, Randy Andy

Prince of Wales - Future King's Scottish Eco village, charity fundraising investigations, Why such a red face?

Prince William - Palace sources say Uncle is a total dickhead

Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 - Confiscation and forfeiture orders, money and land

Prostitutes and Sex Trafficking - CPS charging considerations

Queen Elizabeth II - Her Majesty is the head of state in a democratic monarchy, Costs, spiraling legal & settlement

                           - Does not like being threatened by Harry - Ghastly nightmare, Randy Andy Jan 2022

                           - Platinum Jubilee 70 years on the throne

                           - Queen endorses Knighthood for Tony Blair

Radiation Poisoning - Meltdowns and coolant spills that affect all of us - without cost to the perpetrators

Radiation Tax - Like carbon tax and mitigation, but bigger penalties in view of ultimate dangers

Radioactive Waste - Dumping and storing toxic pollution that will never go away

Radon - A cause of cancer in humans

Rape of the CountrysideOf a minor, allegations

Rape - Of the land - Involuntary sexual intercourse

Rats - Vermin that spread the Plague, Black Death, also some civil servants and developers

Rectory - Pond(s) at Lime Park likely to fall foul of conservation legislation - Pond Survey

Rectory, Old - Sold subject to conditions - Herstmonceux property for sale in 2020

Referendum - Do we need the monarchy?

Rex v Sussex Justices ex parte McCarthy 1924 - Impartiality must be observed to ensure justice is fair

Robin Hood - Robbing from the poor to give to the rich

RSPB - Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Russian Oligarchs - Sanctions for billionaire investors outside the former Soviet Union

Sargassum - Seaweed plague brought about by nations dumping in the ocean and global warming from fossil fuels

Serious Crime Act 2007 - Intentionally encouraging or assisting an offence, such as poisoning water

Sex Robots - An aid to reducing population growth, crime and false allegations

Sewage Treatment -

Scapegoats - The Israelites cleansing of sins ritual, Leviticus

Scatology - The study of feces, or scatological political references to crap policies or locations

Schitt's Creek - Excellent Canadian comedy series, 

                      Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Daniel Levy, Annie Murphy, Emily Hampshire

                      Chris Elliot, Tim Rozon, Dustin Milligan, Sarah Levy

Shagatha Christie - Instead of a murder mystery, it's a sex scandal of wonder, involving multiple affairs

Shit - Human faeces - In the Shit - When the Shit Hits the Fan

Shit Creek - Herstmonceux, East Sussex

Shit Finger - The opposite of Goldfinger & Goldmember, everything Bojo touches turns into crap

Sleeping Rough - Homelessness in the UK

SLAPP Actions - Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, to intimidate & cause financial and psychological harm

South East Water Limited - H20 supply company in Sussex and the south of England

Southern Water Company -

Sue Gray Report - No 10 Downing Street garden parties during Covid 19 lockdown

Suicide Junction - Leading the Death Hill on the A271

Susan Stedman - Conservative councillor, Horam, Tubwell Nurseries - Wealden South planning

Sussex Police - failures to investigate planning related crime, gives corrupt planners free reign

Sweat - Andrew Mountbatten-Windsor claims inability to sweat after Falklands war

Ten Commandments, The - God gave Moses the 10 principles of Christian law: 1., 2., 3., 4., 5.,

                                                                                                                 6., 7., 8., 9., 10

Thakeham Homes - Did a lot of the Shit Creek negotiations with Wealden

Theresa May - Return to dark ages, British Empire slavery, without human rights safety net, or immigration asylum

Thirty Pieces of Silver - Blood money

Tim Watson's - 2015 planning application for 70 houses

Toads - Under threat from a proposed 70 house development in Herstmonceux

Tony Blair - KG represents kick in teeth for people of Afghanistan and Iraq

                - Knighthood for Iraq war criminal, public outrage leads to Petition

Tritium - Nuclear radiation poisoning

Up shit creek without a paddle

Uranium - Is some heavy radioactive shit

Urine - Taking the piss and relieving oneself

USA - 1791 Bill of Rights Amendments, laws, Written Constitution protecting citizens of America from State oppression

Venice - Little, Lake District, Wealden

Victoria Road

Virginia Roberts - Virginia Giuffre, sex trafficking in New York

WallpaperGate - Boris Johnson lying about who paid for the cost of his decorating at No11 Downing Street

War Criminal - Tony Blair

Water - Ground pollution drinking supplies Environmental Regulations 2010 & 2017

WD/2022/1743/F - Application to convert garages and storage to a Gymnasium, retrospective, having already built

Wealden District Council - Area Plans South WD/2015/0090/MA0 & WD/2018/1584/MRM

Wednesbury Rule of Reasonableness - Associated Provincial Picture Houses v Wednesbury Corp 1948

Well-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015

Westridge Construction Limited - Company 02557785

Wells - Historic monuments at risk from groundwater contamination in Herstmonceux

Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 - An act to protect birds against harm

Woodlands View - A grotesque hillside development supported by pile driven steel in Herstmonceux

World War Three - Is it possible to survive a 1st strike from Russia and their allied: China, Iran & North Korea?

Written Constitution - The UK suffers from an unwritten constitution, meaning the State can make it up as they go along

ZERO - Net Zero, Zero Growth, Zero Emissions







MAY 2020 - Southern Water getting stuck into their newest shit storage and pumping station in Herstmonceux, Sussex. In the process the developers are crapping on the lives of hundreds of walkers who regularly enjoyed the peace of a quite stroll in this field.







ARE THEY SURE? - Southern Water say these are essential improvements. But are they? Many concerned residents are of the opinion that the village was already overloaded. Meaning that these works are more profiteering from over development of the countryside, rather than improvement. In fact it is making the present and unsatisfactory situation worse. Shame on you Southern Water.


That is our view, you are entitled to your own opinions is a free society, so why not call (0330 303 0368) or write and tell the Southern Water Partnership what you think.







A LOAD OF CRAP - Bums to the porcelain and puff those cheeks - and don't forget to flush. Going to the toilet was not always such a refined affair, not until Thomas Crapper plumbed in a small tank high on a wall above a ceramic bowl, that exited into a big pipe that fed into a river or the sea via sewers. We thus shifted our pooh problem to the fishes, but there are laws about these discharges. For example, the River Thames is a highly polluted body of water that we ought to be ashamed of.



This site is protected by Articles 9 and 10 of the Human Rights Act 1998, the right to hold opinions and to receive and impart information.