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Herstmonceux Parish Councillors


Herstmonceux Parish Councillors - The photographer can be excused this thinking this was the Parish Councillors Being herded by Wealden's officers, and other Conflicts of Interest. Declarations (or lack of declarations) of interest may want to be checked concerning the major outline application for 70 houses WD/2015/0090/MAO. But that is not all. What about the A271 being dangerously littered with potholes. what about Suicide Junction and Death Hill. Then there is the alleged conspiracy to poison the only working well in the village. And what about the Brown Cliffs at Woodland View, a danger to children and an eyesore, and the flooding at Little Venice. How can they be making so mistakes, unless they are blind, dumb and deaf. But is so, how do the core members keep getting voted back in year after year? Apart from being a nice looking flock. Baaaaaa







Under the dubious leadership of Herstmonceux Parish Council, what was once a charming village is now being turned into a second rate housing estate, where your rear end has to be inspected to make sure it's large enough to live on.


Why is that?


Well, first of all you voted them in, so it's partly to do with you. But it's also to do with the fact that they don't appear to be respecting the wishes of the electorate, hence many agree there is a failure to represent their wishes. Equally, they are weak and easily bullied by Wealden District Councillors and officers - and of course swayed by developers' wafting of pound note in their faces.


Many are the same tired old faces from yesteryear, meaning the same attitudes to a whole range of issues that they, more than likely, do not fully understand as technology races ahead and UN Sustainability Goals come to the fore. Hence, we have climate warming.


Clearly this group of retirees, have lost the plot, the evidence for which is the executive housing boom in the village, while young families cannot escape the renting trap, or temporary accommodation, to enjoy a more affordable lifestyle on the property ladder, in a flat-pack or self-build home that is a fraction of the price of a brick build, and would see their monthly bills tumble to around 25% of what they are struggling to pay at the moment, putting them under severe stress.



Josephine Angear

Ketrill Game

Jenny Alder

Josephine Angear

Ketill Game

Emma Goodsell

Michael Goodsell

Bryan Naish

Mick Goodsell

Heather, Kenward

Graham, Lee

Bryan, Naish

Nick, Porter

Catherine Stirling-Reed

Ian, Stewart





Say no to large scale housing development 





THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE is clear from the number of signs that were posted about the village in 2015. How then could the Parish Council ignore this depth of feeling. The village school hall overflowed when the subject came up. We don't make the news, we just report it. Take a look at the 10 Golden Rules of Politics, it gives you some idea why many decide to enter local politics, to get on the inside track and why those seeking to improve the system don't go the distance.







Mrs Josephine Angear (Vice-chairman)
Church Road
Herstmonceux BN27 1RJ

01323 832210

Mr Ketill Game
The Keys
Gardner Street
Herstmonceux BN27 4SU

01323 831917

Mr Michael Goodsell
Little Hollingwood
Chilsham Lane
Herstmonceux BN27 4QQ

01323 832178

Mr Bryan Naish
Cobwebs, 29 Pippin Close
Orchard View
Windmill Hill BN27 4TU 

01323 833747





Clare Harrison
The Parish Office
4 The Old Forge, Gardner Street

Herstmonceux, East Sussex, BN27 4LG
Telephone: 01323 833312 

Email: clerk@herstmonceuxparish.org.uk



Windmill Hill as seen from Lime Cross, Herstmonceux


A view is an irreplaceable economic asset when it comes to tourism. In the picture above you can see the windmill that ground the wheat for the bakery (behind us), that baked the loaves, using electricity from Herstmonceux's very own generating station in Lime Park, just out of sight to the right on this photo. The local parish council is advocating building on this site, creating a cramped housing estate with no provision of infrastructure for schooling, drainage and a whole host of issues, not least of which is that the majority of villagers do not want this development. New houses can be built anywhere. A heritage asset such a a historic view can never be replaced, once it is lost.








Vote for a parish council and an MP that will represent the wishes of the people