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Making a joke out of British politics, humiliating the nation



DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS - It is alleged, or rather, has become increasingly likely that on the 18th of December 2020, a Christmas party was held at Number 10 Downing Street, during a tier 3 Covid 19 lockdown. And now he wants compulsory Covid jabs for NHS staff, in violation if their Human Rights, sparking protests on the streets of London. Haven't we been here before with Maggie Thatcher and the Poll Tax?


This revelation, supported as it seems by a staff training video, featuring the delightfully honest, Allegra Stratton, has really set the cat amongst the pigeons, with everyone diving for cover. Oh come on, everybody did it. The idea was to control the peasants and ease our mucked up NHS, where we've squandered taxpayer's money on dozens of schemes that have turned out to be more bullshit than Bojo had expected of his cronies. Like the Drax biofuel generating station, based on tree planting as a carbon offset. Who thought up that one? Doesn't anyone know that trees take a lot longer to grow, than this power station consumes them. Then there is Hinkley Point and Sizewell C. Doesn't anybody in the Cabinet know nuclear power is more expensive than renewables, and what about radioactive waste management, that is impossible to say is safe - for hundreds of thousands of years. It never was, and never will be. All the corporations will cease to exist. Leaving the taxpayer footing the bill. So, how come Sizewell and Hinkley Point were even considered for planning consent, and what about that subsidy, making nuclear electricity more expensive for the consumer in real terms?


With so much corruption in the Conservative Part Time Parliament, it must be said, though they'd rather you didn't, what difference will one little end of year get-together make? It's not the end of the world. Well it was for those victims of the Whuhan virus - oh yes and thanks for that Xi. Those people who died while Boris lived it up, would have gone anyway. Now how about that consultancy fee and a cushy retirement job using all my old school chums to pave the way for juicy contracts.






Apparently in the UK, according to the Courts, politicians can tell the most appalling lies and exaggerations, and not be subject to the normal rules of miss-selling, deception, or seeking to obtain a pecuniary advantage by deception - also known as fraud - rules. The Westminster Magistrates Court issued a summons, but the High Court granted injunctive relief to Johnson, protecting his right to deceive the electorate with impunity - the prosecution was staid. Now that says a lot about British injustices to those fresh to the subject. 


But what the heck, Boris would go on the lie to the Queen about proroguing parliament - and get away with it - and 'in-effect' cause the deaths of thousands of UK citizens, who'd been tricked into thinking the NHS was now superbly funded against pandemics and the like.


We think that it should be an express criminal offence, and that it should go on the statute books to prevent the United Kingdom from being dragged down a path they could not have anticipated from the figures Boris Johnson was selling. Especially, when Covid 19 came along to test Johnson's assertions, they proved to be catastrophic in terms of the death toll. Oh shit your honour, did you kind of help this maniac kill Covid victims. You sent a clear message that Johnson could do what he wanted. And he did. You should have anticipated that! The health of the public was put at risk when the High Court sent a clear signal; do what you want my boy.


There was not £350,000,000 million pounds in the kitty per week to boost up NHS hospital beds and extra staff, or even military intervention - to cope with the pandemic. We think this is criminal negligence on a scale that it is worth changing existing laws and creating new ones, as appropriate. To protect the lives of the electorate.


If nobody is above the law, how come Bojo keeps getting away with breaking it?


The British voter should never again be deceived as to important statistics, in the very deliberate way the Bojo set about campaigning. With a large red bus, so that everybody would believe the lie. Because, nobody would be that machiavellian during a time that called for honesty and truth. 



GreenPeace makover of big red campaign bus



These are the hallmarks of British Injustice. In Britain a Judge can take away basic sanitation at the request of a malicious council, even though it is required by law under the Health & Safety Regulations 1992, and then charge the person whose human rights have been abused £26,000 pounds for the privilege - and get this - then say that once the Order of the Court below has been complied with (removal of all canteen and toilet facilities), that their victim can then put the facilities back to comply with Health & Safety rules. The Judge was none other than Dame Butler Sloss in the Court of Appeal, Strand, London.


But then in England, a police officer can shoot an unarmed man, naked in bed, during an armed raid in Hastings at around 3:00am in the early hours of the morning, based on fabricated evidence by the same council, and not go to prison. The shooter was Christopher Sherwood of Sussex police. Their victim was James (Jimmy) Ashley.


In the USA, the cop shooter gets a prison term.


That is because in England, the police are bribed with honours for keeping their mouths shut about malicious prosecutions and operational errors. Even where (or it could be argued, especially) a life has been taken.


Indeed, we have cases on file when any citizen seeking justice, will be harassed and charged with stalking. How is reporting a banking fraud stalking. The courts system abuses the rights of the citizen, becoming part of the problem. It's like a mild form of Gestapo tactics, but instead of hanging upside down while having your toenails removed with pliers, it is mental torture and an illegal use of judges, that are more than likely Masons, according to statistics, with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) also riddled with Masons. The Queen being a Patron of the Masons. Get the picture? Now how about the honours system? Lots of judges are "sir." Lots of chief constables get medals from the Queen. It's not for what they do, it's for what they are prepared to turn a blind eye to.


So, don't upset a Mason, or more than likely, if they can fabricate a charge; you will go down. The police masonic connections will be sure not to investigate the supposed crime scene properly and ignore (bury) any evidence of innocence. It is the British way, from our Colonial days of plunder and slavery.




Brexshiteers, David Cameron, Nigel Farage, Theresa May and Boris Johnson tea towel



DAVID CAMERON - Any way you look at it, Cameron was a bit of a Johnson. The only thing he got right was suggesting it is time for a written constitution. You should have seen the look on Her Majesty's face, at the suggestion. Daggers!






Boris Johnson has been warned he faces private prosecution over his famous claim that the UK sends £350,000,000 a week to Brussels.

The Vote Leave figurehead has been notified that a private prosecutor wants to take him to court for his claims plastered over the side of a bus during the EU referendum.

Marcus Ball said he had notified the former foreign secretary on Saturday of his intention to bring a court case over alleged misconduct in public office.

Backed by around £300,000 raised through crowdfunding appeals, and with the support of a team of lawyers, he now intends to file paperwork at a magistrates court early in the new year.

It is understood magistrates would then have to determine whether to allow the case to go ahead.

Mr Ball alleges the claim, made or endorsed by Mr Johnson during the 2016 referendum campaign, that the UK ‘sends £350 million a week to the EU’ was knowingly false and made with the intention to sway votes.

He has spent two years preparing the case and raising finance, and has instructed solicitors Bankside Commercial to bring a prosecution on his behalf. They have retained the services of Lewis

Power QC and two other barristers from Church Court Chambers to handle the case.

Asked if he is mounting the case in a bid to prevent Britain leaving the EU, Mr Ball said: ‘This is about stopping lying in politics; this is not about stopping Brexit, the courts do not have the power to do that.

‘We do need to stop politicians from lying in any future referendums though. The motivation for this prosecution is a desire to bring a beginning to the end of lying in politics.’

Having raised £286,000 from around 7,000 supporters in a series of appeals, Mr Ball is now seeking to crowdfund a further £500,000 to meet the costs of the case as it proceeds.

His Crowdfunder website showed £87,000 of this had been donated by Thursday.

A spokesman for Mr Johnson declined to comment.

The former foreign secretary has repeatedly stood by the £350,000,000 figure used by the Vote Leave campaign during the referendum, which he says represented the UK’s weekly gross contribution to EU budgets.

In January, he told The Guardian Vote Leave ‘grossly underestimated the sum over which we would be able to take back control’, arguing the gross figure would reach £438,000,000 by the end of a post-Brexit transition period.

Mr Power said Mr Ball’s legal team are ‘duty bound not to comment upon the guilt or innocence of Mr Johnson as this is a decision that can only be made within a court of law’.




Another big fat lie from Boris Johnson red bus campaign





Just in case you hadn’t already cottoned on, the number plastered on the side of the Brexit bus was a big fat lie.

The claim that the UK paid £350 million per week to the European Union – which was emblazoned on the Leave campaign’s battlebus – was wildly overestimated, according to the lastest figures published by the Office for National Statistics.

According to the new official estimates, the UK actually makes a net contribution to the EU of around £199 million a week.

The figure for 2015 is included in the breakdown of the UK’s current account, known as the Pink Book, published by the ONS.

The Leave campaign was widely criticised during the EU referendum for the slogan on the side of its battlebus that said: ‘We send the EU £350 million a week.’

Supporters of the Remain campaign said the figure was misleading as it did not take into account the money the UK receives from the EU in the form of a rebate, as well as payments made to the public sector.

Many Brexiteers suggested the inflammatory figure should be funding the NHS instead, though Nigel Farage famously backtracked on that pledge on the same day the EU referendum result was announced.

He claimed it was ‘a mistake’.

Flogging a horse that’s long been dead and buried, prominant Leave campaigner Boris Johnson stood by the £350 million figure this morning when interviewed on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, saying it was ‘not disputed’.

The ONS figures for 2015 suggest the UK’s gross contribution to the EU, before the cash rebate received by the UK, totalled £19.6 billion – or about £376 million a week.

But, as the UK Statistics Authority pointed out during the referendum campaign, the Treasury pays the UK’s contributions to the EU after deducting the value of the rebate.

The rebate in 2015 was £4.9 billion. Subtracting this from the gross contribution gives a figure of £14.7 billion.

A further subtraction of the EU’s payments to the UK public sector gives the final figure of £10.4 billion, or about £199 million a week.

The precise amount of money the UK sends to the EU is difficult to calculate.

According to a study published by the ONS in May 2016: ‘None of the figures on the money flowing between the UK and EU are fully reflective of the total costs and benefits of EU membership as these are complex and difficult to quantify.’

For example, European Union payments made directly to the private sector – such as universities and research organisations – are not included in these figures, as the ONS looks only at transactions directly between the EU and UK public bodies.

The breakdown for 2016 will be published later this year.



Getting Brexit done, Lord David Frost resignation letter, reply from Boris Johnson


BREXIT NEGOTIATIONS CONTINUE INTO 2022 - The Prime Minister, who promised to deliver Brexit, coming out the other end with a better deal, has hit another snag, apart from compensation payments and giving away £millions in fishing rights to the French and Norwegians. Now we have sausage wars to add to the complications, alongside stock market trading losses.





Bollocks to Brexit yellow tour bus dot com was bang on the money


THE TRUTH ABOUT BREXIT - They were telling it like it is. Unfortunately, the voters like being snake-charmed - and the bus is yellow. It should have been white on red, with a large dangly pair of testicles featured as a wrap. They could also have said Boris is lying to you about the £350,000,000 million to Brussels. Then Bojo would have been called out as to Libel. But we bet the Court would have said you can libel someone during a political campaign.









Greenpeace has got hold of the famous "Brexit battle bus" and is giving it a high-profile makeover outside Parliament to ask for "truth" from the government.

The environmental group has called on the public to submit questions for Theresa May and her cabinet and is displaying them on stickers over the top of what it calls the Leave campaign's "lies" about EU funding.

The public's questions are forming a montage that will spell out the words "TIME FOR TRUTH" in huge white letters for the stunt.

During campaigning ahead of last month's EU referendum, the bright red bus displayed the widely criticised claim that Britain sends £350 million a week to the EU and Brexit would allow the figure to "fund our NHS instead".

Greenpeace says it is also aiming to draw attention to the prime minister's decision to scrap the Department of Energy and Climate Change and hand leading Leave campaigners top jobs in her new government.

The group's Ben Stewart told ITV News that Greenpeace has hired the exact same bus that was used by the Leave campaign. It asked the firm that owns the bus, which is usually silver, to reapply the Leave campaign group's slogans for the stunt.

Stewart confirmed that questions submitted by the public for inclusion on the bus have come from both Leave and Remain voters.



"The referendum campaign was marred by exaggerations and lies, but now we need the truth. That's why we're covering Boris Johnson's battle bus with thousands of questions for the new Government from Leave and Remain voters."


Greenpeace executive director John Sauven

Questions for the new government to feature on the bus:

"Are you honouring the promise to give £350 million weekly tothe NHS? If not, what are your plans to fund the NHS to keep it on a par withthe funding of their health services by our EU neighbours? - Helen

“When I was young, raw sewage and industrial effluent was being poured into our rivers. Now the rivers are clean enough to bring fish to our cities. Are you going to keep our rivers, landscapes and atmosphere clean or are you going to go backwards?” - Paul from Worthing

How will funding for scientific research be safe-guarded? Currently there is a lot of collaboration between UK and European scientists, but how will these research projects be funded if Britain is out-side the EU? - Saranna, Westerham




Boris Johnson wins legal fight in High Court, giving him freedom to case Covid 19 deaths by criminal negligence


MARCUS BALL TRIED TO WARN THEM - Boris gambled that he could toy with NHS figures and not get called out. Then along came Covid 19 to reveal that he is a liar. The result is that the public believed Johnson's claims that the NHS would receive huge injections of cash to make Britons safe, but in reality such sums were not available. Is that criminal negligence, and is this a matter for the International Criminal Court? We don't think you should be able to play with peoples lives like that - whether to get elected, or at all.





BORIS Johnson will not face prosecution over his £350million Brexit bus claim after lawyers argued the allegations were a "politically motivated and vexatious" Remainer campaign. [other than any political motive, he lied, so could be prosecuted now the political motive has gone]

Two High Court judges took just five minutes yesterday to quash a summons against the former foreign secretary which would have dragged him into court to face a trial. Mr Johnson's legal team successfully argued the challenge by Remain campaigner Marcus Ball was the culmination of a "politically driven process". Mr Ball had been trying to prosecute Mr Johnson for three allegations of misconduct in a public office, claiming he lied when he said that Britain sends £350million a week to the EU. He crowdfunded more than £300,000 through an online campaign to bring the case.


The £350million figure had been emblazoned on Mr Johnson's campaign bus used by Vote Leave in the run-up to the 2016 EU referendum. The accompanying slogan said: "We send the EU £350million a week, let's fund our NHS instead." Mr Johnson had been handed a summons, issued by District Judge Margot Coleman on May 29, to attend Westminster magistrates court to face the allegations. 

But, following yesterday's hearing in London, Lady Justice Rafferty and Mr Justice Supperstone overturned the earlier decision

Addressing Mr Johnson's barrister, Adrian Darbishire QC, Lady Justice Rafferty said: "We are persuaded, Mr Darbishire, so you succeed, and the relief that we grant is the quashing of the summonses."

Mr Darbishire argued that the attempt to prosecute Mr Johnson was "politically motivated and vexatious".

Pleased Mr Johnson, currently the frontrunner in the Conservative Party leadership contest, did not have to appear and did not attend the High Court hearing.

A spokesman for Mr Johnson said he would not be commenting on the case.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid said he was pleased by the result. He said: "Very glad to see the court case against Boris Johnson thrown out.

"Freedom of speech feels increasingly challenged - we should always seek to debate political arguments in the open rather than close them down."

Speaking outside the Royal Courts of Justice after the hearing, Mr Ball said he would consider his next steps. He added: "We have just given the green light for every politician to lie to us about our money forever. That is a terrifying idea."

Asked if he had a message for Mr Johnson, Mr Ball said: "You don't have the right to lie to the public about how their money is being spent."

He added: "I would ask you, please, all members of Parliament, all elected representatives, understand you cannot lie to the public about their money."

Mr Darbishire told the High Court that the figure had been disputed "as soon as it was said" and remains the subject of public debate.

He added the offence of misconduct in public office had never been used for statements made in political debate. He said: "It is abundantly clear that this prosecution is motivated by a political objective and has been throughout."

The lawyer representing Mr Ball told the High Court there was "ample evidence that Mr Johnson did know £350million a week was a false and misleading figure".

Jason Coppel QC said the issue was of "significant public and political interest which has been heightened by recent political events, including the candidacy of the claimant for leadership of the Conservative Party".









There is no statute of limitations on malfeasance in public office, especially where that misconduct has cost lives. We wonder if Mr Johnson can be prosecuted now, because of his multiple lies, that have cost pensioners their savings and robbed their heirs of £millions of pounds. That is no lie! But as to the infamous £350 million for the NHS, that claim was criminal, before and after the Covid 19 deaths.




Boris could have been forgiven if he'd brought wealth to the table - for that is what criminal privateers were doing, when operating as Privateers under Queen Elizabeth the 1st. Unfortunately, almost everything Boris touches turns to crap. He is the exact opposite of Midas and Austin Power's Goldmember. He is Shitfinger, in a proposed James Bond style spoof that would certainly involve a Shaguar. Yeh Baby! Voila, his handling of compulsory Covid jabs for NHS workers. Never mind their human rights. The fact our Queen is unable to appoint an effective administration, calls into question to ability of the modern Monarchy to remain as Head of State. It's high time we drafted and ratified a Written Constitution. We must abolish the honours system that allowed the Royals to influence and sustain a police and courts controlled abomination of justice.


Surely, Bojo's heard that it is illegal to proliferate nuclear weapons, yet he has done a deal with Australia and the USA as to submarines and presumably Trident or other nuclear missiles. Perhaps that should be referred to the International Criminal Court, rather than the Tower of London?




  Brexshit mug leave the EU is a crap move 



BRITAIN GOT ANOTHER BUM DEAL - In electing a clown as Prime Minister, UK voters made one of the biggest mistakes in British history. They decided it would be a good idea to leave the European Union, after years of trying to get it. Brexit was and is a disaster, costing pensioners an absolute fortune, as real world inflation halved the value of their savings, with timber, copper and other commodities doubling in price in 2021. And now Rishi Sunack is diving into your children's inheritance with more taxes and pension rises. What is in store for the UK next? Then there is the energy crises and nuclear power, with food prices rising. Have this administration got anything right?


We feel sure that Dr Hannibal Lecter would like to have his old friend for dinner. It might be that some Conservative Party members might also want to join in the feast. Save a slice of the cake fattened donor for us!





Politicians are allowed to lie to the public, the Courts will not intervene








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Conservative politics is based on delaying economic shortcomings by robbing Peter to pay Paul. Another example of which is over-charging for road tax, and only 5% of your hard earned taxes going to road building and repairs. That is why we have so many potholes: hence, pothole politics. The evidence for which on on the streets and highways in your area. In Sussex the busy A271, makes commuting to Hastings or Hailsham dangerous, where the tarmac is narrow and flooding is likely to increase. Why is it so bad? Because under Cameron, May and now BoJo, they are turning our villages into housing estates, without the proper highways infrastructure. See Suicide Junction, as a prime example of planning madness. It's all part of the squeeze of the citizens, to pay for their expenses and contracts to chums.









TARMAC DOESN'T LIE - No10 DOES - We pay our taxes but get no value for all our hard earned pounds. Don't forget that our income is taxed along with just about everything we buy. Just as with the red bus Brexit campaign, our roads of downright dangerous - and our money has been squandered elsewhere. Where is all the money going. Buying a house is subject to stamp duty and dying also costs money with death duties. Shit! How are they getting away with bleeding the electorate dry like this? Fuel is taxed, drinks are taxed (that's okay by us), and using roads is taxed. Then there is car tax of course. We heard they are thinking of taxing sex, based on the length of your Johnson. What you may have noticed, is that since Brexit, the roads have not improved. Nor has the NHS been super funded, so what was all that bollocks bravado, that unfortunately, the public actually swallowed.





















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