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PAM DOODES - The Conservatives appear content to continue to rape the countryside and still make no provision for low cost housing, causing a continuation of the renting society created by Margaret Thatcher. They could put a stop to that by simply insisting councils use their compulsory purchase powers to earmark land of genuinely affordable homes.


Pamella Doodes has been a Wealden District Councillor for a number of years. During that time potholes in Sussex have become steadily worse, NHS and other budget cuts have seen social service reductions, such that healthcare is almost non-existent where it counts in the hospitals and home help. 


Under investment has indirectly led to the deaths of 100,000 covid cases, and that same under-investment is preventing ordinary healthcare, especially of the infirm and elderly, who have paid their dues and are getting nothing back as they are piled onto the scrap heap. Britain is top in Europe as to Covid-19 fatalities. The facts speak for themselves!


Young families are being denied affordable housing as Maggie Thatcher's legacy is cemented by Conservative policies to create several generations caught in the renting poverty trap, where home owning is denied to them - as the interests of wealthy landowners and property developers are promoted by Boris Johnson and his comedy circus in Clowning Street. We think any Conservative politician who claims we have a stable economy, must be a couple of cans short of a six pack. What about the National Debt? Is that stable, or borrowing madness, leading to climate change, or global warming. Any way you look at it Conservative policies stink!


But from their point of view, the country is stable, presumably meaning no change, and continuing to milk the electorate for all they are worth. And of course running the country into the ground, by (in effect) depleting our infrastructure and overloading existing services to breaking point.






At Wealden District Council’s annual meeting on Wednesday (May 22), Herstmonceux and Pevensey Levels councillor Pam Doodes (Con) was elected unopposed as the council’s new chairman.

A councillor for more than 20 years and a former council leader, Cllr Doodes had most recently been serving as the authority’s vice-chairman.

In recommending her for the role, outgoing chairman Chris Hardy said: “Pam Doodes, for the last three years, has been a tower of strength and a valuable support to me.

“I know she will do an excellent job as chairman and I have no doubt we will give her our maximum encouragement.”

After accepting the role, Cllr Doodes named Dementia Support East Sussex as her chosen charity, saying she had been ‘bowled over’ after seeing its work. She said she also intends to name a second charity in the near future.

Cllr Doodes said: “I have been a member of Wealden for 20 years and have watched it flourish and grow into the financially stable and progressive council it is today.

“I’m looking forward to talking to anyone who will listen about our achievements and our successes.

“These happen because in Wealden members and officers work as a team. Very rarely is there a them and us.

“Our mutual respect allows us to provide the very best services to the people of Wealden. Long may this relationship continue and thrive.”

The same meeting saw Cllr Ron Reed, who represents Crowborough Central, elected as the council’s vice-chairman, taking on Cllr Doodes’ previous role.







Conservative Association Chairman
Wealden District Councillor (Herstmonceux & Pevensey Levels)
Branch Chairman (Ninfield & Hooe)

6a Amherst Road , Bexhill on Sea

TN40 1QJ
Tel. 01424 892329

Tel 01424 219117 


Home Address: 
The Common, Battle
East Sussex
TN33 9ET

Home Phone: 01424 892329



Well water contamination is imminent at Herstmonceux from proposed housing on flood plain


Herstmonceux Museum Ltd Vs Latimer Developments Ltd & Clarion Group Ltd 2021


A looming case involving a well and potential water contamination, where the property developers Latimer Developments and Clarion Housing Group Limited purchased land at Herstmonceux in East Sussex, from Timothy Watson (possibly via others) with the intention to build houses on a slope directly feeding ground water to Lime Well that is the only and original source of water to a historic site and the occupants of old generating buildings dating from 1909. Where gardens are planned and garages for cars are included, it is likely that pesticides used ordinarily by gardeners, and or oil spills from motor vehicles (and the like) will eventually soak into the groundwater such as to contaminate the water that is used for drinking and washing, etc. Whereas, the state must protect the occupants of the building from a real or potential threat of contamination such as to avoid threatening the continued use of such amenity, but that neither the developer, nor the Wealden District Council, took care to avoid an exclusion zone typically 100 one hundred meters upstream of Lime Well, contrary to Protocol 1, Article 1, the right to peaceful enjoyment of property and the right to life, as guaranteed by Article 2 of the HRA 1998.




The situation is similar to the proposal to build houses on a feed slope to the only working well in Herstmonceux. Homeowners will be carrying the can in any contamination prosecutions and their homes will be blighted as a result. There is no bond in relation to claims, leaving the developers and Wealden council to be sued, but the developers Clarion Group, have already distanced themselves by selling to Latimer Developments, in what looks very much like a damage limitation exercise, allegedly - in the full knowledge that the proposed housing is sure to lead to prosecutions for groundwater contamination.







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