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TOILET HUMOUR - People often express themselves by writing (sometimes) obscene messages in toilets.






A diatribe, also known less formally as rant, is a lengthy oration, though often reduced to writing, made in criticism of someone or something, often employing humor, sarcasm, and appeals to emotion. There is a crossover from diatribe to verbal diarrhea, where the orator just keeps on talking, and what they are saying is not accurate, but designed to persuade the listener to their point of view regardless.


1 : a bitter and abusive speech or piece of writing
2 : ironic or satirical criticism
3 archaic : a prolonged discourse

The terms diatribe and rant (and, to a lesser extent, tirade and harangue) have at times been subtly distinguished, but in modern discourse are often used interchangeably. A diatribe or rant is not a formal classification of argument, and religious author Alistair Stewart-Sykes notes that "[t]he form of the diatribe is difficult precisely to ascertain". It has been proposed that the terms diatribe, tirade, harangue, and rant "are similar, but offer different shades of meaning":

Tirade is the most general of these, describing any long, critical speech; a harangue is particularly bombastic, usually inflaming the passions of listeners, and is the primary tool of the demagogue; a rant is primarily an instrument of catharsis, allowing the speaker to blow off steam, but not necessarily persuade or do harm; a diatribe is more tiresome—while a harangue can arouse passion, and a rant can be entertaining to watch, a diatribe is neither inspiring, informative, nor entertaining.

It has been suggested that a rant is merely one kind of diatribe, with one explanation stating that " rant can be defined loosely as an emotionally charged narrative or diatribe often expressing a strong distaste or anger on the one hand, or a declamatory, often pompous, assertion on the other". A number of notable works have been described as diatribes, such as the Diatribes of Greek philosopher Bion of Borysthenes, in which he satirized the foolishness of people; the Diatribes of Teles of Megara written circa 235 BC, which present the basis of the philosophy of Cynicism; and the Diatribes, or Discourses, of Epictetus, circulated by Arrian circa 108 AD, introducing aspects of Stoicism. An examination of the use of diatribe by the 4th century BC Greek philosopher Euripides states:

The peculiarity of the diatribe as distinct from other forms of popular moralizing lies in the assumed presence of an opponent. He is not permitted to reply, but his position is indicated by statements or rhetorical questions put into his mouth by the speaker, and thus the introduction of an objection in the form of a question becomes one of the characteristic features of the diatribe. It is evidently a development of the dialogue form, and is usually traced to the Platonic dialogues.

The opponent assumed to be argued against in a diatribe is "a fictitious individual introduced by the speaker merely as a part of the rhetorical machinery of his discourse", who states the position of the opponent before providing "indication of the untenability of that position by means of illustration, rhetorical question, proverb, argumentum e contrario, etc., and in conclusion a statement of the speaker's own view". Although a diatribe or rant is not inherently humorous, rants have become a staple of modern comedy, performed as "over-the-top ramblings with a single point of view on a wide variety of subjects".


A condition suffered by an individual who has the inablility to shut the fuck up, I.e the words keep flowing.

Don't get involved in a conversation with jill she has a bad case of verbal diarrhea.

1) An adj. given to someone who exspresses their awkwardness through words.

2) Used to describe a person who can not control his random thoughts from exploding, which get them into trouble.

Talking to a new crush:

I really think you are cool and think about you all the time. I actually think about you 24/7 and what our children will look like even their names.


Yeah that's pretty impressive, but you have the worst case of verbal diarrhea I have seen in awhile and scare me so I would rather not.

by Catherine Curran May 15, 2006

When someone talks, and the resulting output smells and sounds like shit, such as every time George W. Bush gives a speech, all I hear is verbal diarrhea.

by Dan Miller March 23, 2004

Somebody who doesn't know how to shut up. They love the sound of their own voices and continue to drone on and on repeating the same ponits over and over again in different ways before they wrap up what they're saying. People with verbal diarrhea can take a simple yes or no answer and make it last for several minutes.

Prime examples of those who suffer from the disorder are politicians and managers.


"Do you plan to increase the price of eggs?" (Simple yes or no response required)

"Well taking into account the inflation rate and current market trends we can make several assumptions, first and foremost the costs to farmers have increased over the years due to increase in the price of chicken feed taxes and the like. These prices increases at the bottom end of the chain will no doubt be reflected further up the chain but we are doing all we can to keep the price static."

"Could you give us an answer without the verbal diarrhea?"

by wowfood July 11, 2013





MAY 2020 - Southern Water getting stuck into their a shit project, a pumping station in Herstmonceux, Sussex. But, they are pumping untreated sewage directly into the sea. Why? Because, in reality there is no infrastructure that is legally compliant, but Councils keep on granting planning consents, knowing that they are contributing to global ecological catastrophe's like sargassum in the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and West coast of Africa.







BULLSHIT - Southern Water say these are essential improvements. But are they? Many concerned residents are of the opinion that the village was already overloaded with diatribe. Meaning that these works are more profiteering from over-development of the countryside, despite their inability to cope with yet more shite. It's hot enough already without raising the temperature of planet earth more!















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