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TOILET HUMOUR - People often express themselves by writing (sometimes) obscene messages in toilets.






In medicine and biology, scatology or coprology is the study of feces.

Scatological studies allow one to determine a wide range of biological information about a creature, including its diet (and thus where it has been), health and what diseases the subject may have suffered, such as tapeworms. But it can also refer to studies of politicians and policies, especially if they are not working, flawed or corrupt. To describe such failings or false promises, we might describe them as horseshit or bullshit. Both scatological references.

A comprehensive study of scatology was documented by John Gregory Bourke under the title 'Scatalogic Rites of All Nations' (1891), with a 1913 German translation including a foreword by Sigmund Freud. An abbreviated version of the work was published as The Portable Scatalog in 1994.




Did Donald Trump use the word shithole when referring to African countries in a meeting with lawmakers on immigration policy, or did he actually say shithouse? These are the scatological depths to which US political discourse has sunk.

Let’s stipulate that regardless of whether Trump said shithole or shithouse, it does little to change the underlying racist sentiment of disparaging the whole continent of Africa (and Haiti and El Salvador as well, according to some accounts). But just as it’s possible to trace the literary roots of shithole, we can observe how the word shithouse has been put into use over the centuries leading up to this peculiar moment in presidential history.

Over the years, shithouse has rarely been used in a complimentary way - except for the memorable simile “built like a brick shithouse,” for a muscular man or well-built woman. Ernest Hemingway provides one early example referring to a man in a 1928 letter to F. Scott Fitzgerald. Jack Conroy’s proletarian novel of 1933, The Disinherited, describes a woman’s figure with a slightly sanitized version of the expression: “Wilma’s a baby doll, built like a brick outhouse.” (The classic Commodores song “Brick House” supplies another euphemistic variation on the theme.)


Despite the literary pedigree of shithouse, more pertinent to Trump’s purported use of the word is its history as a political insult. In 1991, the then-governor of Maryland, William Donald Schaefer, had some unkind words for the state’s Eastern Shore, which had voted against him in the last election. He was overheard joking to a legislator from the region, “How’s that shithouse of an Eastern Shore?” As it happens, Schaefer was a big fan of pro wrestling, and in 1989 he attended WrestleMania in Atlantic City as a guest of none other than Donald Trump.


Thankfully, the mid-term elections have come and went.
Thankfully, we'll suffer no more TV ads related to that event.

Thankfully, we'll not receive any more phone calls from politicians.
Thankfully, we'll receive no more mailers outlining their positions.

Thankfully, the prognosticators will find something more productive to do.
Thankfully, we'll hear no more political twaddle for another year or two.

Wouldn't it be novel if the promises made by those shysters came true,
Or will it be politics as usual and 'twas only undiluted scatology they spew!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired


In psychology, a scatology is an obsession with excretion or excrement, or the study of such obsessions.

In sexual fetishism, scatology (usually abbreviated scat) refers to coprophilia, when a being is sexually aroused by fecal matter, whether in the use of feces in various sexual acts, watching someone defecating, or simply seeing the feces. Entire subcultures in sexuality are devoted to this fetish.

Dogs routinely smell the anus of other dogs. Dogs also roll in cow shit, and eat sheep droppings. Humans engage in anilingus, presumably from their animal ancestors, and that possibly explains the toilet humor to some extent. Going back to the days when we monkey-ed around.


In literature, "scatological" is a term to denote the literary trope of the grotesque body. It is used to describe works that make particular reference to excretion or excrement, as well as to toilet humor. Well known for his scatological tropes is the late medieval fictional character of Till Eulenspiegel. Another common example is John Dryden's Mac Flecknoe, a poem that employs extensive scatological imagery to ridicule Dryden's contemporary Thomas Shadwell. In German literature in particular is a wealth of scatological texts and references, which includes such books as Collofino's Non Olet.

A case which has provoked an unusual amount of comment in the academic literature is Mozart's scatological humour. Smith, in his review of English literature's representations of scatology from the Middle Ages to the 18th century, notes two attitudes towards scatology. One of these emphasizes the merry and the carnival-esque. This is found in Chaucer and Shakespeare. The other attitude is one of self-disgust and misanthropy. This is found in the works of the Earl of Rochester and Jonathan Swift.






MAY 2020 - Southern Water getting stuck into their newest shit project, a pumping station in Herstmonceux, Sussex. But, they are pumping untreated sewage directly into the sea. Why? Because, in reality there is no infrastructure that is legally compliant, but Councils keep on granting planning consents, knowing that they are contributing to global ecological catastrophe's like sargassum in the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and West coast of Africa.






If you describe something as scatological, you mean that it deliberately refers to or represents faeces in some way.

[formal]  ... scatological anecdotes.

1. characterized by obscenity or preoccupation with obscenity, esp in the form of references to excrement

2. of or relating to the scientific study of excrement 

Anything scatological is "off-color" or a bit offensive, typically because it refers to excrement, especially in a joking way.

This is a word that describes a kind of immature humor you sometimes encounter in movies or TV shows. Scatological humor is of questionable taste, but it's not quite obscene. Your little brother who thinks toilet jokes are hilarious? You can say that he's a fan of scatological humor.

dealing pruriently with excrement and excretory functions “scatological literature”

Synonyms: dirty (of behavior or especially language) characterized by obscenity or indecency

Shit is known by many names, but it all means the same. For example, taking a Crap, is after Thomas Crapper. A common scatological reference, to someone who does not really understand what they are talking about.














BULLSHIT - Southern Water say these are essential improvements. But are they? Many concerned residents are of the opinion that the village was already overloaded with diatribe. Meaning that these works are more profiteering from over-development of the countryside, despite their inability to cope with yet more shite. It's hot enough already without raising the temperature of planet earth more!






"...the American writer in the middle of the twentieth century has his hands full in trying to understand, describe, and then make credible much of American reality. It stupefies, it sickens, it infuriates, and finally it is even a kind of embarrassment to one's meager imagination. The actuality is continually outdoing our talents, and the culture tosses up figures almost daily who would be the envy of any novelist." -- Philip Roth, "Writing American Fiction," 1961 (collected in Roth's Reading Myself and Others)

The current American political situation is best expressed in scatological terms. The Republican Party attempted to use Ted Cruz as a laxative to hasten the evacuation of Donald J. Trump from its distended bowel. Unfortunately, that Texas-size rectal suppository quickly liquefied and dribbled sticky buttjuice out of the Greedy Old Party's inflamed anus. So the future of our country and the world now depends on American voters using Hillary Clinton as an enema to flush Donald Trump from our political system. Even Jesus wouldn't counsel us to love our enema, but we must plan to use it on election day. For as Norman Mailer told us decades ago in one of his most ridiculous sex scenes:

"...there was canny, hard-packed evil in that butt, that I knew." (Mailer, An American Dream)

Old Norman's ass-evil has a name, and it rhymes with Ronald Slump.











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