S H I T   We are in the shit   C R E E K





What should NATO and the UK be doing to protect civilians from the looming threat of World War Three.


Can you and your family survive? Unlikely as things are.




     One giant toilet bowl in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico    



BREXSHIT HORIZON EUROPE - In 2023 there is still no sign of the EU abiding by their contractual obligation to formally allow British scientists to enjoin in the scientific research community in Europe, currently progressing in Europe without British involvement. More evidence of the bullshit promises made by the disgraced Conservatives, now with Bojo accused of sex parties during Covid19. Why are we not surprised. The burning question is, was Andrew invited?


SOUTHERN WATER FINED - IN 2021 Southern Water were fined £90 million pounds for dumping 21 billion liters of sewage into the sea on the South Coast of England. The situation has not improved in 2022. Probably getting worse, from the rash of new house builds adding to the shit stream that they could not deal with in 2021. In the hands of these ecological lunatics, your shit is going into the English Channel, where it circulates into the Atlantic and Sargasso Sea, finally to surface as sargassum blooms that pollute the beaches in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. Think on that when you vote for Conservatives, who are still pushing growth as an election agenda. The Government may not know how to run the British economy, but they sure as heck know how to get themselves elected. And you voted for them time and again. Because you fell for their scatological diatribe.


ONE GREAT BIG TOILET BOWL - If you think Liz Truss and the Conservative Party are neck deep in the shit, spare a thought for those living around the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Brown stinking sargassum seaweed, that smells of rotten eggs, is landing on their doorsteps at the rate of 24 million tons in 2022, thanks to sewage and fertilizer discharges into the ocean, and global warming. That's a lot of shit shoveling with no end in sight, as climate change is not being addressed by politicians who lie more during elections, borrow more to pay for their lies, and keep on burning fossil fuels to keep their party political donations coming. It's a recipe for meltdown of the planet. For some reason the voting public will not elect anyone who tells them economic truths. They all want to believe the scatological horseshit they are being fed, rather than face a phased economic climb down to address staggering national debts. And that has led to the energy and cost of living crisis. Because when you borrow, your cost of living goes up to pay interest back to banks. Britain is poorer as a result. Savings are slashed over a few years to half of the value, leaving pensioners struggling to live. And they don't have another life to make up the difference. At least youngsters have no savings to worry about.



   Is Boris the biggest bullshitter of the 21st century?  



HE FINALLY TRIPPED UP ON HIS OWN DICK - The shit finally hit the fan for the man with the over-active zipper. Members of his own party could take the bullshit no longer, or they'd go down with him. He's almost doubled our National Debt, halved our savings, and he failed to deliver on Brexit. We'd not pay a penny to hear anything this man has to say. Other than; sorry. We'd pay a penny for that apology. Boris must surely be a case for criminalizing deception during election campaigns. We must stop politicians being elected, who lie to us. This man must not get a KG, even if it means bringing down the monarchy, for rewarding failure with honours. Business as usual has to cease, in place of sustainability: action not talk.


THE NEW HITLER - Vladimir Putin (Putrid) revealed his true colours by invading Ukraine, using money from oil and gas sales. We must all pull together to oust the evil this man carries in his heart, and deliver genuine democracy to Russia. We must also stop China and any other nation, that threatens the stability or our already fragile planet, by selling cheap goods made using coal. Just like gas from Russia, stop buying Chinese products and their kleptocratic plans will be curbed. All nuclear weapons must be destroyed - or some idiot is bound to throw all his toys out of the pram - and push the button. Nuclear power generation must also be outlawed. It should be a crime to mine or refine uranium, except for medical use.



WHERE IS SHIT CREEK ? - Shit Creeks are all around us, in many locations around the world where there are problems that there seems to be no escape from. Indeed, the whole planet is in the middle of a temperature crisis & with possible extinction as a result. And, the G20 kleptocrats keep postponing doing anything about it. The popular phrase means an extremely bad situation: "Up shit creek without a paddle."





PRIMA FACIE - On the strength of the evidence before us, Tony Blair and his advisers at the time of invading Iraq, could be tried by the International Criminal Court, under the Rome Statute. Thousands of protestors have signed a petition calling for his KG to be struck, and we agree with that sentiment. We simply cannot reward corruption in politics, in this case by a deception of parliament and the people. Mr Blair is held to have blood on his hands. By giving him an award, we are mocking the memory of our dead and kicking the people of Iraq and Afghanistan in the teeth. We are also bringing the honours system into further disrepute. Divisively, the award smacks of a Tory move to regain public favour, by discrediting the former Labour leader. Mirroring the worst of Labour, to cast a shinier reflection for the Conservatives. Around 300,000 people died as a result of Blair's actions. The invasion was illegal, breaking the UN Security Council resolutions to which all nations are bound.

Bollocks to Brexit yellow tour bus dot com


BRITAIN'S PENSIONERS GOT A BUM BREXIT DEAL - In electing a clown as Prime Minister, UK voters made one of the biggest mistakes in British political history. They decided it would be a good idea to leave the European Union, after years of trying to get in. Brexit was and is a disaster, costing pensioners an absolute fortune, as real world inflation halved the value of their savings, with timber, copper and other commodities doubling in price in 2021. And now Rishi Sunack is diving into your children's inheritance with more taxes and pension devaluations, as he carves off £hundreds of thousands off your property. What is in store for the UK next? Then there is the energy crisis and nuclear power, with food prices rising. Has this administration got anything right? Next time you vote, don't fall for Cakeist promises from an inveterate liar. Boris bullshit you from the start: You can't have your cake and eat it. Your savings got Fu#£ed right up the ass. A vote for this kind of Conservative party, is like flushing your savings down the toilet into shit creek.







COP27 2022 & FLOP 26, 2021 - Latest IPCC report tells of Code Red for humans on planet earth, even if we really pull out all the stops. And let's face it, with electricity prices rising, because of fossil fuel imports, fewer people are going to take to EVs. The British Government is up shit creek again, under Boris Johnson, where there appears to be no forward planning, on a scale that the public can reply on. In a properly run democratic society, there should not be a petrol crisis. Energy companies should have to pay fines for not getting supplies to consumers. And that means fossil fuels and renewable electricity. Despite the Code Red, China and India will not agree to reduce coal burning, telling the world they are going to increase generation using fossil fuels. We assert that in the face of such climate nazism, there must be an immediate import duty on all goods produced overseas using coal to generate electricity and oil (as bunker fuel, diesel and petroleum) for transporting them. All hail COP 28


Climate Nazi Xi Jinping criminal policies Chinese


Xi Jinping



Is he strong enough for the challenges ahead?


Joe Biden



Ursular has got her thinking cap on


Ursula von der Leyen



India will suffer from heat waves and drought


Narendra Modi



The new Adolf Hitler


Vladimir Putin 



Fumio Kishida is making wrong energy turns


Fumio Kishida



Kim Boo-kuym


Kim Boo-kuym



Oil is going to kill the Middle East if they don't diversify


Mohammed bin Salman



Canada must stop raping the land and get on with renewables


Justin Trudeau



Cutting down rainforest for farming is a death sentence


Jair Bolsonaro



Indonesia must stop logging, and must start planting


Joko Widodo



Australian criminal climate Nazi policies Scott Morrison coal champion


Scott Morrison





Photographic evidence of party at No10 Downing Street during covid pandemic lockdown

BOJO BREAKS LOCKDOWN LAW - Sue Gray full Report. A Controversial picture of Boris and wife Carrie Johnson, at a social gathering at number 10 Downing Street, during lockdown when social gatherings were not allowed. Suspicions about rule breaking at ten (and possibly) eleven Downing Street emerged when a leaked tape of Allegra Stratton rehearsing questions about Christmas parties at the famous London addresses, were put before the Metropolitan police. But Scotland Yard decided not to investigate. Anyone who knows even a little about the law, will known that a failure to investigate a crime, implicates those who fail in their duty, as per the Accessories and Abettors Act 1861, linked to the Magistrates Court Act 1980.




Section 8 of the Act, as amended, reads:

"Whosoever shall aid, abet, counsel, or procure the commission of any indictable offence, whether the same be an offence at common law or by virtue of any Act passed or to be passed, shall be liable to be tried, indicted, and punished as a principal offender."

SUMMARY OFFENCES - The Act does not apply to summary offences, but section 44 (1) of the Magistrates' Courts Act 1980 is to the like effect:

"A person who aids, abets, counsels or procures the commission by another person of a summary offence shall be guilty of the like offence... "


It appears to follow, that any failure on the part of any police force to properly investigate these matters, renders the force abandoning their duty, just as guilty as the perpetrators of the alleged crimes. Clearly, this calls into question the independence of our law enforcement agencies. The suspects should at least be interviewed under caution, computers and other mobile communication devices seized for forensic examination - and rather quickly - such to prevent devices that are potential evidence from going missing. Do we live in an accountable democracy, or don't we. Are we in effect, a police state. One of the leading cases of misfeasance in public office is: R. v Bowden 1995 Court of Appeal (98 1 WLR), that becomes malfeasance, once a police constable, or even chiefs of crime prevention, detection and prosecution such as, Cresida Dick, fail to do their duty. Most obviously a prosecution is in the public interest. No matter who the culprit is. Because, nobody is above the law. Not even Boris.


                - * -                                



PRESSURE ON THE MONARCHY? - Socialite Ghislaine Maxwell and her lover Jeffrey Epstein, both convicted of sexual offences, now pose a threat to the British Monarchy, as Prince Andrew, the Duke of York is accused of sexually assaulting a minor in New York [rape] and the Caribbean, according to claims by Virginia Roberts in a civil claim for damages before District Judge Lewis Kaplan.


Ironically, the UK is alleged to be a human rights abuser, where the court system offers no appeal as a right, contrary to Article 6 of the HRA 1998. In addition, there is no Article 13 in domestic statute, crucially being the right to an effective remedy; such as a right of appeal. What is clear from the revelations involving accommodation at Balmoral, is that the Royal Family are acutely aware of the damage to a reputation, being accused of a sex crime can carry. The royals must then know that in denying a right of redress for a false conviction, such impediment further damages the right of a victim to just satisfaction. Luckily for Prince Andrew, the US system is more citizen friendly.





ECOCIDE - After World War Two, a new crime was created on the international statute books, called Genocide. Since then there has been no World War Three, but humans, have created the Anthropocene Age, where governments and powerful corporations are destroying the planet environmentally


We are therefore keen to see the Rome Statute amended to create a crime to recognise and seek to prevent ruthless profiteering and exploitation, such that this irresponsible plundering of our natural resources might be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court.


With radiation from nuclear power stations, submarines and trident missiles, an ever present threat, with no realistic disposal and management of waste, should there not be an equitably substantial Radiation Tax to compensate for harm to humans and the environment?





Many residents agree that villages like Herstmonceux in Sussex are run by corrupt, kleptocratic quangos with hidden agendas and undeclared interests. This includes Council's like Wealden and supposed law enforcement agencies like Sussex police, working with other agencies and the Courts, sometimes including secret societies like the Masons. All making a rather sticky pudding that is difficult to unravel, but great reference for a UK sitcom about corruption in local authorities.




Why is Boris sitting on his hands. Is it to protect drug cartels and corrupt landlords?


SLEAZE CENTRAL - While you are at it Prime Minister, how about putting a stop to corruption, as identified by the Owen Paterson scandal. We must stop MPs being paid to lobby for corporations. The way to do it is with digital auditing of minister's bank accounts, overseas investments and property held in the UK. Let's crack down on crime. Starting from the top, where the serious crime is committed white collar.




The UK is held to be the most corrupt country in the world for laundering drug money, with significant sums buying up executive housing for renting, to wash drug money clean - also making houses unaffordable for locals.


The Wealden district encompasses some of the most beautiful countryside and sea views in the United Kingdom. There is though an acute shortage of genuinely affordable housing where developers avoid building low cost housing, making a good deal of greenhouse gases leading to temperature rises that will affect many other regions on earth and raise sea levels with dire consequences.


Services in the area are below standard as may benefit the local economy, the roads in particular are potholed beyond belief and hardly able to cope with traffic flow, without any rebate in terms of Road Fund License contributions and the obvious Breach of Contract. There are very few electric vehicle charging points and no infrastructure plan for EVs making local taxes appear extortionate in relation to returns. Planning for a sustainable future is virtually non-existent. Why then are we being forced to pay so much Council Tax if all our councils are doing is adding to Global Warming? Traditional brick built houses are not the solution. Timber units would create a carbon lock allied to sustainable planting of trees, by way of example. Hence, tree planting should be a priority.



Suicide Junction A271 Herstmonceux, Gardner Street          Herstmonceux Lake District, Little Venice



FEB 11 2021 - Turning poorly serviced villages into housing estates to generate council taxes, appears to be part of the Conservative Government's agenda to screw the regions to pay for their terms in office. Suicide Junction on the A271 at Herstmonceux, is an example of some of the poorest planning decisions in the land. This village is served by a pothole cratered road that cannot carry traffic safely, but causes drivers to swerve to avoid damaging their suspension.


DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS - Thought by many to be the most dangerous junction leading to a blind hill. What were East Sussex Highways thinking of in approving this tiny entrance, devoid of a suitable visibility play, in the process putting so many local residents and through traffic at risk most unreasonably. Locals are calling this stretch of road Death Hill and the turning Suicide Junction, and we agree with that sentiment. It is an accident waiting to happen in our view. This is the entrance to Shit Avenue, as the locals are referring to it, leading to Pooh Park. Not Winnie the bear, the more odorous version. The is nose-peg country, in planning terms. We are calling foul! What are the Parish council doing about it? Nothing. It's business as usual.



THE NEW LAKE DISTRICT - Seasons best from the Lake District of Wealden, known locally as 'Little Venice.' The Council's agenda to turn this area into a water attraction appears to be working beautifully. By building brick houses as fast as they can go, they are helping to raise the temperature of the planet, so helping desert areas such as the Sahara to increase as a sandy tourist attraction in Africa. Also a boon for Egypt and tourists visiting the Pyramids.


From reading Wealden's planning agenda of build, build, build - it's a win, win situation if you like it hot. They'll be breaking out the gondolas, presumably, giving one away free to each person buying a house in this location, to help the locals make the most of their new watery environment. Eventually roads could become canals, with operatic music mandatory from local hostelries.


Interestingly, this artificial lake feeds a RAMSAR site, so we hope they are taking precautions to filter out the harmful hydrocarbons from washing the underside of the passing vehicles. Oh, yes, another benefit to motorists is the free chassis clean. Though Wealden officials may start charging, once this service really gets going as another form of Community Infrastructure Levy to top up the officer's pension fund. Not forgetting those enhanced payoffs for early retirement, after each cock up as hush-money. Cheaper than a gagging order by half.


Thank you Wealden Council. What would the polar bears do without you. And what about all those extra desert areas you are responsible for. Though we wonder about food security and starvation for all the homeless people you have failed to accommodate. You may want to consider compulsory purchase to secure land for affordable housing, to head off anthropogenic demise.




Once Great, Britain is sinking steadily into irrecoverable debt, the Government drowning from short term-ist knee jerk convulsions and more borrowing to stave off the inevitable and make them look good during their term of office. 


This is the hallmark of Conservative 'vampire' policies sucking the life blood from the common man to pay for their ineptitude, while they suckle on the sweat of the electorate. Slavery is the hallmark of an Empire lost, as bankers cling to paper money based on thin air, a (non equitable) standard that is super-heating the planet at the rate of 1.6 times what the earth can sustainably afford. Hence, we have global warming.


Yup, we're up shit creek without a paddle and no mistake! Because the present Government is devoid of original ideas. Public schools tend to beat creative solutions out of future politicians, in favour of hands in other people's pockets.





     Council and corporate negligence claims



TELL THE TRUTH - The village of Herstmonceux is rapidly becoming a service deprived suburb of Hailsham, without transport to secondary schools, or affordable housing for the locals. 


They are turning our villages into housing estates - and who is responsible? Parish, District and County Councils. It is a climate change nightmare, where the controlling Councillors appear only to be looking for CIL tax payments to prop up all of their unsustainable planning and economic decisions over the years - and their enhanced pensions. It is a veritable breeding ground for more financial slavery via exploitation by wealthy landlords, regardless of the consequences for planet earth.


THE BROWN CLIFFS OF HERSTMONCEUX - Unlike Dover, with their beautiful white cliffs, in Wealden they like the colour brown so much they gave planning permission to build this artificial edifice in the country - taking with it the natural beauty of the countryside for walkers - and - or so it seems, polluting the watercourse downstream. They call the mini-estate Woodlands View, including Elm Close, Hawthorn Lane and Oak Way.


Shit! We wonder if they still use brown envelopes to deliver perks to those in the decision making pipeline. We bet you'll not find a poor planning officer in this region, and check those councillor declarations of interest. You might find poor planners in other regions where the idiotic permissions don't flow quite so freely as favours. In Wealdenland water flows uphill and shit is pumped from one place to another. It's a bit like Alice in Wonderland.


This site was bought for next to nothing, because it was relatively worthless on the side of a hill. But they found willing accomplices at Wealden to covert the countryside into a money making machine, so long as they could find the suckers to buy these houses, and nobody made a fuss about the blot on the landscape. They were so confident that nobody would see the iron monolith that they did not even bother trying to landscape it into the wood. They should be clapped in irons and sent to the colonies. Okay, we don't have those anymore, and Australia has become just as corrupt as the UK.


SYMBOLIC OF NEGLIGENCE - Of villages in the south east of England and other areas that are being overdeveloped without the infrastructure and services to support the Conservative building boom supported by BoJo the Clown and his Comedy Cabinet, where thousands of executive houses are being crammed into once peaceful villages, while hundreds die sleeping on the streets and hundreds of thousands more are under threat of eviction, or are in temporary accommodation - due to the lack of affordable homes. What are the boys from Eton playing at?


COULDN'T CARE LESS BRITAIN - COS WE'RE ALL RIGHT JACK - Representative of council attitudes is Grenfell Tower, where they failed in their duty to protect the occupiers, by not forcing the property management company to make repairs. But prosecuting corporations is difficult due to being unable to pinpoint the directors responsible. Civil relief could offer some degree of remedy, where the Met fail to perform, with the underperformance of the police itself (failure of statute) being a subject for eventual Judicial Review, or Pubic Inquiry, in the event of non-performance.






In the UK, nearly 800 homeless rough sleepers died on the streets last year. As of January 2021 there are some 227,000 families facing eviction for rent areas, and there are 253,000 souls living in temporary housing, with 2.4 million children in families struggling to feed themselves with couples both working to pay high rents, or repay an inflated mortgage.

Developers have a lot to answer for; the breakup of families and the issues of mental health and depressions.


We know many of you think Boris should tell developers what to build and where to solve these issues, the problem being that he appears not to have the balls to buck the Conservative favours for old boys network, designed to make the rich richer from the financial slavery rammed home by Maggie Thatcher, when she sold off council housing stocks, without any plan to replace them. Senile or what!


Hence, Boris and his cronies are to blame and should be pilloried for their lackluster performances, and refusal to tackle the affordable housing crisis. 




But in some cases it actually involves real shit, as in human faeces, sewage - and run-off pollution. The shit may include Human Rights violations. That is how this website came into being.


One case in point, a real live issue in 2020, a genuine Shit Creek in the making, is part of a village in Sussex at present called Herstmonceux, but rapidly gaining a reputation for over development that is unsustainable, such that a name change to reflect what is happening, is perhaps on the cards.


Yup, Wealden took a dump all over the locals who objected most strongly to a proposal for 70 additional houses by Tim Watson, during a packed session at their new village hall in 2016.


The village was fine when it was (relatively) stable in terms of the numbers of residences in relation to the ratio of services. The village was once famous for the Sussex Trug, a wooden basket used by gardeners.


Herstmonceux had a small school, pharmacy and a doctor's practice and even a fire station - all in proportion to the population, but even then there were parking and traffic congestion problems along Gardner Street, where the A271 was not designed to carry the increase of traffic as Wealden and Rother (lackluster) planners loaded other villages and towns with more and more cardboard boxes, sold at executive prices to landlord investors. So perpetuating the renting society and financial slavery.


More importantly, the sewage system was borderline, having had problems with spillages.


Can you imagine the chaos with 70 more homes on this stretch of potholed road and more poop passing from Chapel Row to Victoria Road? But it does not end there. More houses are planned.


These units are being sold to overseas investors, who are only too happy to rake in council benefits from many of their tenants, who cannot afford to buy a home themselves, because there is no genuinely affordable houses being built. It's a gold mine for foreigners looking to earn easy money. Basically, we are selling off England, bit by bit.


Did you know that the Secretary of State rejected Wealden's Local Plan in 2020? That is how poor Wealden's planning executives are rated. Shit! Officially! Okay, we heard that they sacked Marina Brigginshaw, but what about Chris Bending and the other planners in the pockets of developers? How is it that Bob Standley got voted in again as Leader of the Council, after all these F@*# ups on his watch? Interestingly, there's no development where he lives. What a surprise!





Clearly, council planners had not heard about the climate emergency, and clearly the overpaid planning officers decided they could ignore 'United Nations' directives as to circular economics, such as to justify their exorbitant salaries and pensions.


They decided to overload this small community with housing estates, the objective being to raise taxes - no matter what the environmental cost. Or what shit might follow from  their poor short-term decision making. See Maggie Thatcher's demise as to selling us short.


It's all about the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) payments. But this council has no intention of using CIL payments to provide an infrastructure for the locations they are raking in the cash from - or we'd already have better service roads. It's just more shit, the taxpayer has to suffer from incompetent local authorities to furnish their overly generous pensions. Sugar to them, shit for the taxpayer.


Deservedly so, we agree with the name Pothole Politics, Wealden is an example of the worst local authorities in England. Surely time for new legislation to protect Planet Earth from irresponsible exploitation.


If new development is not zero carbon, we are creating deserts elsewhere, melting ice caps and killing species. The mindset of developers and planners in a so-called enlightened country - tells us that planet earth is neck-deep in moral shit. What will they be doing in lesser informed States?


Wealden had not heard about the Climate Change Act 2008 or Human Rights Act 1998, nor the developers: Gleeson, Thakeham, and Clarion, apparently. Because their full application fails to address climate change, by not including solar water heaters, PV panels, wind turbines or charging points for electric vehicles. In fact, nothing to quell rising temperatures or provide energy self-sufficiency.







JULY 2020 -  That's a nice car! Must be on a good salary we suppose. How do these chaps sleep at night. They know they are ruining the countryside by helping greed driven property developers, and using gallons of diesel to drive their diggers in the process. None of the houses that are proposed for this area are genuinely affordable. None are sustainable. So where is the justification?


JULY 2020 -  They said they were only doing what they were told. So were the camp guards at Auschwitz. They'll walk away unscathed, earning money from the misery of others. But with a tainted planning consent, would all those in the chain not be vicariously liable. Like those camp guards who were hanged as war criminals? It's food for thought maybe - but, don't eat anywhere near here. How should we deal with climate criminals? The death penalty was abolished, after we found we were hanging too many innocents. Proceeds of crime confiscation, is one way to put off irresponsible corporations. Those in the development chain include Latimer Developments, Clarion Housing Group, Thakeham Homes Group and Gleeson Developments. There may be others.


Did you know that there is no prosecuting or investigating authority as a safety net against local authority corruption? Bent planning officers routinely fudge evidence, but never get prosecuted. Whereas, if you apply for a Certificate of Lawful Development with fudged evidence, you will be prosecuted by the local council. We'd like to see crooked planning officers prosecuted on an even basis. But that means the police need to give a shit. When they are part of the problem. In the US, they have internal affairs. In the UK they arrest you for reporting crime. We have documented cases to prove it.


JULY 2020 - Southern Water digging up more of the Sussex countryside, assisting over development and corrupt planning departments to destroy what was a lovely little village. The problem with such development is that our heritage if being flushed down the toilet.




Groundwater is water which is stored underground. It forms when water from lakes, rivers, streams, snow melt, and rain trickles underground, becoming trapped there. When a deposit of groundwater is large enough to sustain human consumption, it becomes known as an aquifer. There are two primary types of aquifers: confined and unconfined. In a confined aquifer, the groundwater is surrounded by an envelope of impermeable rock, while an unconfined aquifer is surrounded by permeable materials, putting it at risk of contamination.


Chemicals, road salt, bacteria, viruses, medications, fertilizer, and fuel can all cause groundwater contamination. Some common sources of contamination include: leaking storage tanks, the use of chemicals in farms, landfills, poorly controlled hazardous waste sites, and septic systems. Groundwater contamination can also occur when factories dump materials into surrounding waterways, and when polluted runoff from storm drains reaches the aquifer.



Many nations have strict laws concerning the release of pollutants, to prevent groundwater contamination and other environmental problems associated with pollution. However, regular inspection of the thousands of potential sources of pollution is simply not possible, and nations rely on individual citizens and companies to exercise caution when it comes to handling and disposing of materials which could cause groundwater contamination.


Once the aquifer is contaminated, it is very difficult to clean up. Sometimes, the water can be cleaned with filtration systems, but in other cases, it may be rendered useless. Since much of the world's supply of drinking water comes from groundwater, this makes groundwater contamination a serious problem. Especially in a community which cannot afford to ship in clean sources of water, people may be forced to drink the contaminated groundwater, because there is no alternative.

The issue of groundwater contamination is one reason why artesian wells are so popular. Artesian wells are wells which have been sunk into confined aquifers, accessing water which is locked safely inside a layer of impermeable rock. The water from such wells tends to be pure, and sometimes very flavorful, thanks to the dissolved minerals from the surrounding rock.




Enter the drainage and pollution problems. This unfortunate sequence of events began when Timothy Frank Watson, a former estate agent and auctioneer, decided to apply for planning permission in 2014. He had purchased a field that had been enjoyed by walkers for over a hundred years, where the field had only had two registered footpaths, but another half dozen unregistered paths. Applying for consent to erase the local facility was hardly the social thing to do in our view. Where was his community spirit we wonder?


The field had been deemed unsuitable for housing and was outside the village framework. But then the Parish Council decided to give Mr Watson planning consent for 70 houses, 30 of which were to be affordable. The term affordable, being questionable in real income terms.


The problem being that the development would produce around 140 turds a day minimum and who knows how much urine, but more likely many more dumps as each new home may house a family of three or four, coupled with other gray waste water, and the local works down the hill could not cope with that much shit.


Equally, water run off from 70 houses would create a pollution problem for water courses downstream, killing the wildlife and destroying their habitats. And lastly, the only surviving well in the village, would be poisoned by pesticides from the gardens of the proposed new houses - in contravention of the Groundwater Regulations 2009.






It appears from the plans that the proposed new housing is bereft of climate mitigation features, hence adding to global warming. Making Herstmonceux and Wealden Councillors guilty of crimes against the planet, in addition to the creation of sewage and ground pollution problems. They are going to need some pretty big paddles in the years ahead, to try and escape the smell from their past misdeeds. Of which there are plenty, that they'd rather you did not know about.




Concerned locals asked for a bond in case of claims against pollution. Wealden refused. Meaning that any person buying one of the proposed houses near Shit Creek, will be personally liable, or may have to sue Wealden for negligence in the event of a claim, but they will blame the developers - and the developers might no longer exist once they've sold all the houses they may have built. Concerns as to groundwater pollution may even invalidate any house insurance, once the insurers are apprised as to the risks. So, buyer beware. There are hidden pitfalls. We have a duty to ensure that all prospective tenant & purchasers are apprised of the dangers they face. This duty extends to any Estate Agent, Conveyancer and Lender involved in a transaction.


Before buying anything in this location, we would suggest seeking the advice of potential insurers, and perhaps taking independent legal advice on the subject. If we hear from the developers as to these issues, rest assured we will share any useful information or rebuttals. It may be that after all there is an unpublished contingency plan.


The users of the well that stands to be contaminated, have nothing in writing from the developers as to settling claims and have to date (Feb 21) ignored all correspondence. Whereas, the Environment Agency confirm that there is a risk from houses - especially from those within a 100 meter radius.







ARE THEY SURE? - Southern Water say these are essential improvements. But are they? Many concerned residents are of the opinion that the village was already overloaded. Meaning that these works are more profiteering from over-development of the countryside. It's hot enough already without raising the temperature of planet earth more!






The contractors for sewage disposal in East Sussex, is Southern Water. Of course they are used to dealing with shit. Shit is their bread and butter. They appear not to care about pumping shit from one location to another, despite the un-sustainability of such proposals. They just want their slice of the brown cake and to make sewage charges for another pooh palace. It's all about profits rather than sustainable society. At least they are not in charge of yellow cake.







[left] COUNTRYSIDE ABOMINATION & HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS - If you buy one of these (proposed) houses, not only will you be adding to global warming, but you could be letting yourself in for many years of litigation, not least of which is the potential to be charged under groundwater contamination laws. At least 40% of the houses shown are in a direct line to poison the only working well in the village - Lime Well - in the lower left of the picture. The developers will also fall foul of the Human Rights Act 1998, for interfering with the peaceful enjoyment of a water supply.


[right] SOAKAGE TROUGHS - The developers dug a number of trenches to conduct soakage tests. Note that they steered clear of the well area. Indeed, bore holes sunk in this location were not deep enough to be conclusive. We conclude this was a deliberate omission on the part of the developers. They did not want to know, for if they knew, they would have to stop the proposed development. However, the Courts have held that such avoidance is no excuse.






Groundwater contamination is a situation which arises when groundwater becomes polluted by substances of human origin. Since groundwater is generally regarded as safe to drink, groundwater contamination can become a serious issue, as people may drink the water, not realizing that it has become dangerous to consume. There are a number of potential sources of groundwater contamination, making regular testing of groundwater supplies critical to ensure that the water is still clean.



NIL VISION = NOTHING - The Conservative government under David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson had no real clean energy policy, or way of achieving their ambitions under the Climate Change Act 1998. Not a clue. This has been so since 2010 - an eleven year sustainability void. In 2021 going into 2022, the Tory cabinet is still countenancing, new oil fields, coal mines, and nuclear power stations. In other words, business as usual. What they should have done was push for wind and solar renewables like there was no tomorrow - and a supporting infrastructure with load levelling energy storage, perhaps based on, or at least including green hydrogen. They could have done that with policies and statute, if they'd concentrated on home economics and balancing the books. Instead of self promotion and profiteering from fossil fuels and nuclear stop gaps. Lets all take a piss in Lime Well, and wonder why the occupiers object TAINTED CENSENTS - It's not just the well water that will be contaminated, it is alleged that the grant of permission was in part a planning favour for the owner of the field, Tim Watson. New evidence has surfaced, more than suggestive that councillors may have been biased, as was Jack Gore in 2007, when he voted to give planning permission to a mate, and then was forced to resign. But in 2006 they enacted the Fraud Act, making it a criminal offence not to declare any conflict of interest that could cause loss (property value, amenity, and water pollution) to any adjacent occupier. How far the impropriety extends could be the subject of further investigations, where at Parish level, it has been noted that councillors with vested interests have failed to leave the chamber in Herstmonceux. There are strict rules about these shenanigans that many councils ignore, leaving their Register's of Interests blank.









GRETA THUNBERG - is a Swedish climate activist. At the COP24 climate talks in Poland, December 2018, Miss Thunberg addressed the Secretary-General of the United Nations. She received a standing ovation for one of her talks. She is behind the global school strike created to call attention to climate change. She is a rebel. With a cause. Miss Thunberg is 15 and autistic and the newest, youngest and most powerful voice on the world stage demanding the world address global warming. If only Greta was a Wealden Councillor, we might stand a chance of cleaning up this area of the United Kingdom.







The Injustice Alliance is a group dedicated to unearthing perverse decision making, and making corrupt officials accountable for their actions. This includes law enforcement officials who are either on the payroll or for other reasons fail to investigate crime.



    The rolling hills and downs of Wealden district


FARMING - The backbone of any society is the production of food to feed the population, though these days much of what we eat is imported from other producers, such as fish farmed in Asia, around 60% is home grown. That is a good thing because we can no longer find enough fish locally having exhausted our fisheries. Agriculture is also changing where we have drained the soil for so long with artificial fertilizers that yields will fall, meaning a shift to obtaining protein from the sea - but unfortunately we are disposing of around 8 millions tons of plastic in our seas - poisoning marine life that we need to keep us nourished. Food security is therefore high on the United Nations agenda via the Food and Agriculture Organization. This picture was taken in the summer of 2017.







The politics of the nation shape what happens locally, nationally and internationally. Political will is very important when it comes to implementing climate change policies and providing affordable housing in the quest for a Circular Economy. The political parties are answerable to the electorate, where for example, the present Conservative Government is not living up to its election promises on climate change or the delivery of affordable housing. This leaves the door open for Labour or Liberal policies to shine with a Green hue.





A circular economy is one that is equitable - and for that reason sustainable. The "Circular Economy" is a United Nations objective and a European Commission target that is endorsed by most other nations around the world. The fact that we are exiting Europe with Brexit high on the political agenda, does not diminish the duty we owe to protect the natural world from human waste. Just as importantly, we need to provide affordable housing for future generations and aim towards a society where not so many people can exploit the system for personal gain. That is not to say that businesses should not make a profit. Profits are needed for forward investment, provided that they are not the fruit of immoral earnings. Here we are talking about financial slavery and the modern poverty trap created by the renting society UK politicians have engineered in the United Kingdom.


These are the important issues that we hope to bring into focus for the benefit of all the citizens of the United Kingdom so that they may continue to enjoy the Wealden landscape as much as we would like to enjoy other areas of the British countryside.





THEY BANKRUPT OUR COUNTRY, CAUSING DESERTS & ISLAND FLOODING AS THEY WENT  -  What happens locally, is happening all over the world - In Sussex, in 2022, it's business as usual with a dash of greenwash, and Blah, blah, blah. It's the fault of the voter. You voted for them and their cronies. Maybe you should vote green next time. Anyone, but this 'climate criminal' wrecking-crew that is the conservative stranglehold on UK local politics - all built on profiting from renting as financial slavery - hence the lack of affordable housing - that would upset their investments. They are responsible for the shit creeks in your area. Vote GREEN, not GREED. In May 2019 Wealden's Cabinet roles were as follows:


Cllr Bob Standley - Leader, Governance and Finance: Responsibilities include corporate policy, budget, council tax and car parks. Cllr Ann Newton - Deputy Leader, Planning and Development: Responsibilities include Local Plan, AONB policy, planning, enforcement and conservation. Cllr Roy Galley - Economic Development, Waste Management and Human Relations: Responsibilities include business, tourism, delivery of commissioned waste and recycling services and workforce development. Cllr Philip Lunn – Community and Public Health: Responsibilities include food safety, leisure, pollution control, licensing, community grants and animal welfare. Also includes consultation and engagement, democratic services, the voluntary sector and customer services. Cllr Ray Cade - Housing and Benefit: Responsibilities include council housing, affordable housing, housing, council tax support and transformation to Universal Credit. They were flushed with success - at selling off high priced housing to foreign investors to milk the UK economy. Clever bunch aren't they! All led by Bojo the clown. In 2022 what has changed?


The National Debt comes from irresponsible management. We have a failed economy as a result of the parties you voted for in the last 10 years. The policies that created this debt are not working to pay off what is owed. It will only get worse. And that leads to extinction of the human race, once we've killed off millions of other animals. The answer is to devalue the £pound. We should be thinking of a Food Standard, to replace the old Gold Standard. What we need in the UK is a Written Constitution, to break up local corruption, and prevent courts being used to obtain SLAPP orders, designed to muzzle those reporting crimes they don't want you to know about.



FREEDOM OF THOUGHT AND SPEECH - This website is protected by Articles 9 and 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. The Injustice Alliance avers that the right to impart information is a right, no matter that the method of communication is unpalatable to the State.




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